Saturday, 3 June 2017

SSRS Migration Between Servers

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This post is yet another add on to the last post of  Deletion of SSRS Report from Report Manager

However this time will learn how to migrate reports dynamically from one report server to another, say for e.g. from Production server to development server.

Again, use the concept of RS.exe utility to perform the activity.

Let's start with example

All the reports of folder TEST on Report Manager of Production Server <ReportServer1> will be moved to folder TEST on Report Manager of Development Server <ReportServer2>


  • SQL Server client tools must be installed on your machine.
  • RS.exe utility must be installed
  • Destination folder must be available (if not available, must create) at destination report manager.

Step 1 - Create Folder TEST on Report Manager of ReportServer1, if not exists.

Step 2 - Use VB script to create script of migrating report, for your reference i have attached the script file (this file is available at Microsoft Site)
Step 3 - Create BAT file named MigrateReport.bat with below CMD command 

Step 4 - Place script (ssrs_miration.rss) and bat file (MigrateReport.bat) at same folder (optional).

Step 5 - Open CMD command and execute the MigrateaReport.bat file. all the reports for that folder will be migrated with status against every report migration.

  • Shared Dataset created using credentials will not be be copied.

Author - Feel free to ask query if you have any

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